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Top Best Romance Anime Series & Movies

best romance anime

For a lot of people, anime is the best form of escapism. It’s hard to think about your student debt while Goku is discovering his next rainbow transformation.

But honestly, nothing gets you more involved in a world than some well-written romance.

We’re all just out there looking for love, right? Nothing to be ashamed of.

But until we find our true soulmate (rats to you who already have) we might as well watch the whatever romantic stories anime has to offer. So here are our top best picks!

Kiss Him, Not Me! (2016)

I want to start off with this one simply because the idea alone made me laugh.

Okay, try to stay with me while I explain the chain of events that lead to this plot hook. An overweight girl is really into anime, especially BL.

Then one of her favorite characters dies. She gets so depressed that she stops eating, she loses weight, and becomes the babe of the school. Boys start falling at her knees, but she wants them all to make out rather than be with her.

You can’t tell me that’s not a joyride of a pilot episode…

Kuzu no Honkai (2017)

I’m going to be frank: this show is pure masochism, but like in a good way.

There are no real fairy tale endings, connections that are stronger than life itself, or grandiose airport proposal scenes.

It’s just a bunch of teens trying to figure things out.

How to be intimate, how to truly care for another, and how to move on. It can definitely kill the mood at times. But if you like this approach more so than the Disney princess counterpart, I’m sure you will enjoy the series throughout.

Snow White with the Red Hair (2015)

This show is just very relaxing to watch.

It has that rom-com vibe where the chemistry is rather consistent. And there’s no looming threat that would disrupt the progression of the character’s relationship.

Not to say that nothing happens. But it is just very chill.

The protagonist is a herbalist, her love interest a charming prince, it’s all so wholesome.

If you ignore the other not so charming prince who abuses his power, that is.

Ore Monogatari!! (2015)

This show just makes me happy. I love unconventional romances and giant teddy bear protagonists, both things this show delivers on.

The focal point for my adoration is this large sweetheart known as Takeo Gouda.

He’s just out there looking for love. But also to just make everyone as happy as they can be.

He protects, he forgives, but most importantly he cares. He also has the body composition of Shrek, which as we all know is peak male performance.

So there’s more than enough eye candy.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You (2009)

The two main actors in this show are Sawako and 2000s horror.

Okay, that is a bit misleading. But in short, the main female protagonist Sawako can’t seem to find any friends because everyone thinks she looks like the girl from the Ring.

How they could look at that adorable face and think that is beyond me.

But there’s one feller who has a functioning pair of eyes, Shouta, and he’s her golden ticket to friendship.

Or maybe even more than friendship. Kidding. Unless…

Hotarubi no Mori e (2011)

This movie just fills you with all the good feels you need in life.

It has a very fairy-tail like quality but still stays close to reality, at least in terms of human affection.

It’s all about a girl who comes into contact with a spirit of the forest.

It was supposed to be a one and done encounter, however the two end up getting very close.

The catch is that she can never touch the spirit or he’ll vanish.

Such a simple premise and yet it adds so many layers to it all; no adorable head pats but still a real connection.

Spice and Wolf (2008)

If you don’t want your romance to be set in the plaid-out scenery of a high school than Spice and Wolf is probably more your speed.

It’s more of an adventure where our protagonist Lawrence comes into contact with a wolf-like deity named Holo.

The end goal is for Holo to return home but the journey is filled with intriguing dialogue, Holo being adorable and stubborn, as well as the merchant life.

Like seriously, I did not expect to learn this much about what it’s like to be a merchant in their world.

The chemistry is on point. And to be honest, Holo is just wifey material straight out.

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